With Ayurveda, you may think of complicated Indian recipes that do not fit in our western kitchen. Nothing is less true. "Learn to look at your type and adjust your diet accordingly."

1. Eat what suits your type

"Every person is unique, so nutrition should also be viewed in the same way. If a tomato is healthy for one person, it may not be so for another.

That is why Ayurveda takes your elements very much into account.

There are air types, fire types, and earth types.

The ratio of these elements determines what type you are; pitta, kapha, or vata.

This is your DNA; you are born with it and die with it. With the help of pulse, tongue diagnosis, and other insights, you know which type you are.

You can then adjust your diet and lifestyle accordingly."

2. Ignore all nutritional hype

"Many people follow the hypes, but I think this is bad for you.

One only eats fruit, the other only seeds, and kernels. That is much too one-sided.

You will automatically become balanced if you use your type as a guideline, do not eat processed food, and eat a varied diet."

3. Combine all flavors in one meal

"In every meal, the six tastes should be represented: 

  1. sweet
  2. sour
  3. salty
  4. sharp
  5. bitter
  6. and astringent. 

That sounds more difficult than it is. Many people need sweets after eating and then grab licorice or chocolate.

In that case, they have not served their sweet needs well during the day.

You should not add sugar to a meal, but honey and raisins, for example. Pasta, rice, and sweet potatoes are also sweet.

By eating slowly and, therefore, chewing frequently, your nutritional mixture also becomes sweeter. You then have much less need to snack after a wellhealthorganic.com ayurveda-dinner.

4. Pay attention to the combination of your diet

"The combination of foods is very important. A very well-known one is dairy and fruit.

This combination creates toxins in the intestines, a process of fermentation in the body.

Eventually, they become toxins in the intestines. It'sIt's not so bad if you eat this combination once a week.

If you eat it very often, you will get intestinal problems.

Fruit and vegetables are also bad, like the shakes and smoothies you often see."

5. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner hot

"In Ayurveda, almost all meals should be hot. The meal is different for every type.

Healthy organic :ayurveda Breakfast:- Start the day with an egg with vegetables, pancakes, oatmeal, or buckwheat porridge.

Healthy organic :ayurveda Lunch:- You can easily eat a hearty soup with a slice of bread for lunch. You make it in advance and take it with you in a thermos.

Healthy organic :ayurveda-dinner:- There are plenty of healthy options. Also, look beyond salt and pepper and choose herbs that stimulate digestion so your food is better digested.

Think of ginger, turmeric, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, and cardamom."

Are you curious if you are a vata, kapha, or pitta type?

An extensive diagnosis must be made based on your pulse and tongue to find out which type you are. This description of the types will help you on your way:

Vata (air and ether): These are usually frail, mobile, chilly people whose bones are visible in the body.

They are creative and enthusiastic people who jump from one subject to another and often fail to complete their tasks.

They have a fluctuating appetite, and energy comes in fits.

Vata types become unbalanced most quickly in winter and autumn.

They then become anxious, chaotic, insecure, and have doubts. It can also manifest in constipation, flatulence, and creaky joints.

Pitta (fire and a little water): These are the leaders among us, passionate and more athletic figures.

People with a strong appetite who are efficient and good at talking, coordinating, and organizing.

The downside is that they can get angry if they are off balance.

The anger piles up, and suddenly the bomb bursts. When pitta types are out of balance, they can become jealous, stubborn, and too perfectionistic.

Often these people have red hair and a lot of pigmentation. A disturbed Pitta often gives digestive complaints and diarrhea."

Kapha (earth and water): These are often the somewhat rounder types with healthy thick hair and beautiful white teeth.

Kapha types are stable, loyal, and reliable; they are attached to tradition and do not like surprises or changes.

They are sweet, loyal people who are good listeners but tend to forget themselves.

They hate exercise but need to keep moving because they often eat slowly. A disturbed Kapha is often gloomy, possessive, and wants to sleep a lot.

Love Eat & Enjoy

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